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Why does Old Crush have to be such a sexy, evil bitch? I hate her. Who does she think she is, sexily bending over less than a foot away from me to get her paper? And I couldn't even touch her amazing body, of course. I just had to sit there and try not to drool too much. It STILL blows my mind that she and French Class Girl are cousins. They are opposites! Old Crush is hot, hot, HOT; French Class Girl is... Uhhhh, I don't want to call her ugly, but she's definitely not cute. Old Crush is mean; French Class Girl occasionally tries to be mean but instead comes off as endearingly stupid. Old Crush is, unfortunately, as straight as an arrow; French Class Girl is so gay she makes the rainbow look like a shining beacon of heterosexuality. The differences go on and on and on.

FCG was madly in love with boobs Friday. They were her favorite topic. It started with her complaining that she barely has any. (Hey, that's another difference! Old Crush has niiiice ones.) Really, FCG? How can you say you're not gay when you love talking about boobs?

All of a sudden, freshmen girls love FCG. No, really. They're telling her that they love her and leaving mildly suggestive facebook posts. Oooh, one told her that she loved her hair. Big mistake, my dear. Biiiig mistake.

Some of the freshmen girls are kinda cute. I don't know most of them, though, since 9th grade has the most people. My grade isn't really that cute. We have a few girls that are alright. 11th grade has the most attractive girls at my school, and most of them are really nice. I love the juniors. The seniors at my school, however, are mostly unattractive, which is disappointing since last year's seniors were extremely delicious. :( The only hot senior I can even think of is Old Crush.

I am so frustrated. I found this awesome blue shirt in the back of my closet, and I want to wear it, but when I wear it with jeans, which are currently the only clean pants I have, I feel like I'm wearing too much blue. And trust me, this matters, so I'm not going to wear it, even though it fits awesomely. I really need some new shirts. A large percentage of my wardrobe is too big for me and left over from my angsty 12-year-old "goth-wannabe" phase. I don't dress like that at all anymore, and I've lost so much weight since then. I don't even know why this stuff is still in there. Wait, never mind, I found a black skirt. I still need new stuff, though. And to think there was a time during which I cared nothing about my appearance!

I'm about to go out to eat with my mom and sister. I hope my mom doesn't nag me in the car like she always does. Ms. Texts While Driving is a worse driver than I am, so she should just shut up.

I got into the cheese puffs yesterday. Ugh. I love that shit, but I always feel so gross after I eat a bunch of them.


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Haha. I've definitely worn

Haha. I've definitely worn blue shirts with blue jeans before. I try to avoid wearing green shirts with green pants though. Like, that much blue is okay, but not that much green. I mean, I love green. But I don't like being compared to a leprechaun. :P

And uh. I don't really think about what clothes I'm putting on most of the time. I get it from my dad.

My dad went into an airport... LOGAN airport once (recently) wearing a shirt that says "I am a bomb technician. If you see me running, try to keep up." without realizing it. It was just the shirt he threw on. Ahaha. I told him as we were leaving and he was like "WHAAAT!?!!"

...Because bomb jokes are illegal in airports or something.

But it was funny. And we didn't go through security because we were just picking my sis up, so nobody noticed. Haha. [/storytime]

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Haha, I care way too much

Haha, I care way too much about what I wear. I don't think I own any green pants... But that would be awesome for St. Patrick's Day, no? XD

That is too funny about the bomb shirt!

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Once I wore a Jean shirt

Once I wore a Jean shirt with jeans. Same color, I looked like a monochrome farmer.

nothing is permitted. everything is allowed.

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*it was awesome

nothing is permitted. everything is allowed.

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You would've blended in well

You would've blended in well where I live. XD

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yeah...maybe if the jeans

yeah...maybe if the jeans were a dark blue? like, so dark it's practically black? i think that would be fine. just be sure not to wear it with a blue sweater and blue shoes...and blue socks...XD oh the horror!

THERE ARE SO MANY CUTE FROSH THIS YEAR. LIKE GAH. and yeah, the hot seniors left and the seniors this couple here and there, but there seems to be a lack of them :/ the sophomores...they're ok. and the girls in my grade are...a shit load i've known since as far as kindergarten, so, no.

FCG. that's all i have to say :P

You're so beautiful, you made me forget my pick up line. ;)

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I don't have any that are an

I don't have any that are an almost-black blue, but I have some that are kind of a greyish-darkish blue. Haha, I don't think I own blue shoes, though.

You need to learn FCG's skills since freshmen love her so much! I'm sure you'd get twice the amount of girls she does since you're not... well... FCG. I think every school should be required to have a certain number of hot seniors. Since my school has FCG, it would need 20 more hot senior girls to offset the FCG-ness.

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XD i think the grayish dark

XD i think the grayish dark blue would work...maybe. i need to see it :/

um. naw. it's all cool. most of the freshmen like me, so i don't need the whole awkward FCG thing :P

You're so beautiful, you made me forget my pick up line. ;)