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French Class Girl wasn't in school today, but I still have a story for you guys! Today there was chemistry tutoring for the upcoming test. Not understanding quantum numbers, I decided to join in. We all know who's in my chemistry class, right? I'm pretty sure you know where this is going. Having to sit just inches away from Old Crush for a full 45 minutes or so was soooo awkward! It only got worse when she started talking to me. I thought I was gonna puke. Oh, and it's a good thing I never had a chance with her because she can't understand anything I say! I literally had to repeat myself three or four times. I was not aware that I talked that fast! Even the most hardcore rednecks understand most of what I say. No idea what her problem is! Also, she smells like cigarette smoke masked lightly by some cheap perfume. It's kind of nasty. I do wonder how she gets her makeup to stay on all day, though. I usually leave school looking a lot worse than I did when I arrived!

Seriously, though, sitting that close to her was so weird. I would look at her from far away back when I liked her, but today I was soooo close to her and therefore close to her epic boobs. I did pretty well with not staring at those... until she stretched. That wasn't fair. (Since she doesn't understand me very well, do you think I could say, "Hey, Old Crush, can I touch your amazing rack?" and accidentally get a yes answer? Hahaha!)

Oh, my god, why aren't there any cute gay/bi chicks in my town? Hell, why aren't there any gay/bi chicks in my town who are not FCG? This disappoints me. I am so tired of every girl I even so much as look at being totally straight. I would complain that my kind of girl doesn't seem to come in the gay version around here, but way down here in Redneck Land, it's like there aren't very many gay/bi girls of any kind at all! Whatever shall I do? :( There aren't even any gay/bi guys, either. It's like FCG and I are the only members of my town's chapter of Team Homo! That is sooooo not cool!