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So I'm thinking of talking tomorrow in therapy about the constant Sofia/Eli struggle that I go through. First, though, I wanted to get some opinions....

1) How do I know if I'm ready / if it's a good time to talk about it?
2) How do I know my therapist (A) will be okay? She's a fine therapist but she tends to make faces when she's listening and I don't think she does it on purpose, but it makes me feel as though she's judging what I'm saying. Yes, I know she's not and all that jazz. But the other therapist that I work with in therapy /treatment is this woman (R) who I feel like I feel better talking with her. But I don't know if I should tell her.

So, even though R isnt my therapist technically, and I feel a lot better talking to R...does it have to be A who I first talk to about it?

3) What do I say and where to begin?

This has gotten me quite stressed lately, so please COMMENT or PM me.


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I think your therapist is supposed to be the one who can help you most. SO maybe you should switch therapists, just because you like the other one more :)

And, considering it's a therapist... I'm thinking any time would be the right time?
You are beautiful, in every single way <3

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Agreed. A therapist should

Agreed. A therapist should be someone to whom you can tell anything, especially if it's serious or a problem in some way. If you can't talk to her about what's really bothering you, why bother seeing her at all?

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See, I'm not sure I can

See, I'm not sure I can switch. But I'm afraid to tell A, because I don't know....I dont like her responses.

How bad of an idea is it to just call R before therapy tomorrow and tell her over the phone?
Usually, R and I only talk in a group setting....
arrrh,so frustratingly annoying.

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Uhm, I've been through this

Uhm, I've been through this "going through a gajillion counselors before I found the right one" thing before, so I think I can say that they get when someone just doesn't really click with them, they understand when you say you wanna see another person.

I don't know if that's what's going on here but... No hard feelings?

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Yeah. See, since its in a

Yeah. See, since its in a confined its a specific type of treatment where you see either A or cant see someone outside the program. I hear they dont like to switch, but someone whos with R is tapering to leave, so maybe I can ask R if i can switch. I guess if she says no I shouldnt feel bad, right? because I'm the "customer"

plus...for Eli...I dont think I could look at A's face and say it. i dont know why....but i cant. I told A i was gay in session last Thurs, and I told R in group about a month ago.