Feeling so surreal

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This is so weird, I feel surreal. Not numbness but almost a shock. Very, very odd.

I guess this is what happens when they mess with my routine.

But I said it. I told them almost everything and I made it through that. How did I do it? I have no idea.

It feels weird now...I feel so independent and at the same time, even more co-dependent than ever before.

Goshdarn. I don't know.


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I want to write about how

I want to write about how nobody's commented on this yet.
Feeling very cynical.

Of course, my journal entries die after anywhere from 1-6 comments. Then, that's it. I love it.

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About the comments

This particular entry seemed more private. It seemed like you were writing down how you felt for yourself, not for us, like we could read it but really it was yours.

And one more thing I've noticed about comments: Half the reason Super Duck gets twice as many as everyone else does is that she responds to each comment she gets, even if only to say 'Hahaha, you're right!' This sometimes helps keep the conversation alive, but largely just doubles the number of comments.

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oh. okay. i'll be back soon,

oh. okay.

i'll be back soon, Oasians. I think I may need to break from this site temporarily. for more info, PM me .

I cant really take this at the moment.