Getting FrUstrated

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Why is this mkaing me so frustrated?
I can't get two damn rows of knitting done without screwing it up.


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I learned how to knit...

I learned how to knit... four years ago, i think, in school. But I remember I kept screwing up the teddy bears we were supposed to be doing and I only gave it three limbs. Whoops.

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I used to know how to. But

I used to know how to. But now that I've had to rip out first and second rows every time I've tried to start in the last two days, I'm really frustrated.
makes me feel like a complete failure.

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I've tried learning knitting...

Probably will again sometime. I never get all that far, though. Once I discovered crochet (which comes really easily to me for whatever reason), I mostly abandoned knitting. You're certainly not a failure for having trouble with it.

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I just keep ripping it out.

I just keep ripping it out. I think its been 2 or 3 tries again this morning. And no luck.
its driving me insane.