Hugh, I wish it was Friday

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So, I have amazingly managed to get through the cold season thus far without getting sick as everyone else in my house and when Health Teacher asked, 2/3 of health class got sick.
Until today.

You know, like the worst feeling ever is waking up and knowing that you are becoming sick. Terrible. At least it's not Monday.
Fortunately I had soccer practice today, so I just went to that, which is far less strenuous than swimming and did my thing there.
I'm hoping I can be a little better tomorrow so that I can suck up enough to go to swimming, or at least dryland.
But it's probably unlikely.

I wish it was Friday, because even though Thursday is my favorite day of the week, it's not so great when you're sick. And so when I froze myself outside at soccer practice, I come inside and get all warm and cozy and have a great dinner of pasta by myself and watch tons of cheap horror movies and then The Office.
But then, whoops, time to get some cider and start homework. At 10.
And I also have swimming tomorrow. I can tell from how I'm feeling I'm going to be quite sick soon, so I'll try to go to school, swimming, and dryland, then my soccer game on Saturday, then nothing for the weekend.
I've made mistakes in the past, such as mid August, when I got sick, and continued to go to swimming as usual which is fine, but then I also went to the Y with friends Saturday and Sunday too.
Doesn't give me time to recover. I was sick for a month and a half.

So I shall hold firm that I shall just go through tomorrow like usual and then try to eradicate this bacteria or virus or whatever infesting me over the weekend through intense rest!

I love Fridays. Especially when I'm sick.


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Hoping... Hoping...

...that you awake this morning to find that you're in fine fettle.

But, as this is the season for nasty cold-related illnesses, there's no advice from me that you don't already know.

Except: Don't skip a hearty breakfast.

Anyway... Look at the bright side: Your wish has come true!

It is now Friday!