I don't like modern society

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In general.

Like, school is really bad, but the whole society is pretty bad too.

I guess I may have a weird viewpoint on this, but it's very strong for reasons I don't even know. But the thing I hate more than anything else is just going to school and sitting in a desk doing things all day.
Just the sitting, at base metabolic rate, doing math problems and writing things all day.

The fact that some people don't get any exercise whatsoever makes me claustrophobic. I know I'm a health nut, but just the thought of having even one day where I just go to school, then go home and do the piano or something and no soccer practice, dryland, or swimming, even the thought of one day with no exercise just makes me feel sick and claustrophobic.

Ok, I'll stop blubbering and ranting now and state my real reasons.
I just see modern society as unnatural to the way human beings developed. It's like being a vegetarian or vegan, you can say whatever you want but the reason meat tastes good is because all the people who didn't want to eat meat in hunter gatherer society died of starvation.

But, it's just in modern society, not getting exercise, people actually being obese? That's just terrible on our bodies.
Everything we do, our diets, our exercise, the way we do everything is just different from how it's meant to be.
We're evolved to eat meat and plants off the ground. That's how we did it for a long time.
We're evolved to go out and hunt and gather food. Getting no exercise is just so unnatural on our bodies. Or, lets face it, even me who gets exercies in copious amounts doesn't do it naturally. I swim and do dryland and run but I don't get exercise out in the original way of just hunting and gathering our food and water. No one does.

And also we're not evolved to think like we do, either. As said in the book Cell by Stephen King, we are successful not for our bodies or brains but because we are "the craziest motherfuckers in the goddamn jungle". We're not meant to do math, or anything like that.
This frumpiness, of going to school and simply sitting down and calmly solving abstract problems is weird.
I believe that we're absolute crazy motherfuckers capable of anything on the inside, hidden by layer after layer of intelligence and reason. Calmly discussing things is just a sheen over our underlying insanity.


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Ah, but...

Has any other society, at any other time in history or prehistory, truly been any better?

If we're not meant to do something, why do we do it?

Is the human race's particular brand of insanity not a supremely successful (and therefore 'good') evolutionary adaptation?

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Okay, I'm tired, and mangled this journal. I did a terrible job of getting my point across.

My point is "innovation is made by lazy people trying to find easier ways to do things". Therefore, I think we should have stayed in the hunter gatherer society. We've made things easier, a lot easier. And what have we really done? Is everyone happier?
No, we're just as unhappy as we always have been and always will be, except now we're lazy and less healthy, because those behaviors will no longer kill us by natural selection.

So maybe not everyone's ecstatic in hunter gatherer society, but at least we're all happy and fit.

And yes, our insanity is very successful, and I believe it's also good, and really it's what makes us human.

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First off, I don't exercise.

First off, I don't exercise. On school days, I walk maybe 20-30 minutes to and from my bus and that's all. I don't have physical education this term so I'm not doing anything there, either. I do make certain I eat correctly, however.

However, obesity repulses me. I'm not talking about genetically chubby people, but lazy people who make no attempt to be healthy. I'd rather see an anorexic person than a morbidly obese one. At least anorexia is about creating your perfect body (though it is more often than not destructive).

As far as school is concerned... I share your view, high school is pretty useless.

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I get what you mean

It's not that I hate excersize, that I don't do it, I'm just a very slow worker for school and that tends to get in the way. So joining most sports is out. And if I were to just casually excersize, it would be really lonely.

But I will feel awful fat when Colorguard's over...
You are beautiful, in every single way <3

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i respect you

this really had to be said, humanity was not meant to live this way.