I'm not angry! I'm not annoyed! I'm not mad!

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Okay, so I am NOW.

I'm just PO'd because, in the midst of all my happy butterfly yayness, my friends are trying to tell me "I am always mad and pissed off and angry and in a bad mood".
Key word: ALWAYS.
I really don't understand where they get that from. I started hardcore PMSing Monday and that does not automatically equate to "You always have a rude tone, for now and forever" and blah blah.

Anyways. I really wasn't mad or annoyed until they started saying stuff like that. And then it made me realize how much I really HAVE to be annoyed about.

And then, I'm not invited to the Halloween party that "Everyone" is invited to. The girl giving out invites is supposed to be my friend and has Orchestra with me and sees me every day, so I think forgetting is just out of the question, don't you think?
I don't write much on here because I feel too straight to be on this site now, since my Blueboy. But he's super sweet. I need some advice. Sometimes we have problems with finding things to talk about. I'm generally good with girls in the talking department, but not guys. Any suggestions for improving our awkward situations right now? You know, besides talking to him about it, considering my PO'd-ness right now. That's like, a last-ditch effort.

Things are good, though. He does sweet things I never would have expected from him. Lately, he seems upset. I don't know why. Probably because I'm mad at my friends and stuff. I just want people to WANT to do stuff with me. I'm really not mean, or angry, and I'm really agreeable when I'm with friends. I don't understand. I just don't get what people don't like about me.

I don't want to sound pompous. I just realized, with Show Band ending really soon... I'm going to never get to see a bunch of my friends again. They're all seniors, too, so they'll be gone after this year :(

Oh yeah, if anybody wants to see our performance from this weekend, it's on Youtube so PM me and I'll flip you a link :)

Well, I'mma off to band practice :) It'll be so much fun, I hope! <3

(Psst. And I'm addicted to Pokemon... AGAIN! I've stayed up late playing it like, every night this week XD)