I'm too tired to think of a title.

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I'm currently bloated from, uh, woman issues, so I put on my "fat jeans" that are a size too big. They worked perfectly. I feel so gross. I am now officially going to lose 10 pounds. Wow, that was so French Class Girl... She always says she's going to lose X number of pounds but never does because she doesn't actually need to. I'm 5'3" and 135 pounds. I feel so fat right now. All of my friends who are near my height are like, 100 pounds even, so I'm the fat one. Of course, "all of my friends who are near my height" is a grand total of about 3 people, but still, I feel about as big as all 3 of them put together. Yes, I do feel like being negative. :(

While on the subject of weight and dieting, do you know what makes me rage? Well, here's a quick backstory. My grandmother is on a diet, and she refuses to eat pretty much everything. She hates eating and gets very angry if you try to get her to order something at a restaurant, even if it's something like baked fish and a salad. But do you know what she does? DO YOU KNOW? She always FORCES candy and cakes and fried stuff on me, refusing to take no for an answer. Tonight, she brought me a giant slice of chocolate cake with candy bars crumbled on top. Her reasoning is that she'd "love to only weigh 135," so I am not allowed to be unhappy.

Today I figured out that my history teacher doesn't hate non-Christians. She just apparently hates non-white people. I'm about as pale as a piece of paper, and I'm an atheist. She mentioned atheism and agnosticism, so I said some things that were purposely set up to give her ammunition to pick on me. I wanted to see if she'd take the bait. You see, if my (Asian) friend's Buddhism is even so much as mentioned, the teacher spends at least 10 minutes singling her out. She does not just hate Buddhists; Helpful Junior is Muslim and said that the teacher did the same thing to her. Anyway, so nothing happened. Nothing at all. This proves it. What a bitch, right? Just... ugh.

Irritating Girl brought this phenomenon up today, as she is in my history class. FCG did not know that I'm an atheist, and I was absolutely terrified about how she'd react. Her angry rants are quite unpredictable. Much to my surprise, FCG was extremely civil about it. Nice, even! It was so confusing. She's rarely nice about anything. She's often whiny, argumenative, or annoying, yes, but never NICE, especially when a viewpoint conflicts with hers. I must really be special, then! Hahahaha!

You know what's really weird? No one has an issue with me being an atheist, and this is a tiny southern town with a church on every block. I'd say about 90-95% of the town's population is Christian in some way or another. I've been open about being an atheist since the 8th grade, and I've only gotten one shitty comment from one person. However, many of the people here in this town cite their religious beliefs as a reason to be against gay people. I've gotten many shitty comments over that.


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too tired?

You have forgotten your beloved title generator, my friend! You could call your blog things like "The Last Temptation of George W. Bush"!

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I was too tired to find the

I was too tired to find the title generator! :(

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Like what shitty comments?

Like what shitty comments?
Oh, and are you atheist because of your gayness, or because of upbringing? I was originally brought up Catholic, but then my parents drifted away from the church and I lost my faith in God after age 6, and later got that reinforced by being gay, when there are religious people who don't like it, so why go towards the people who don't like me.?
Now it's sorta cemented itself in rationality...

No one escapes from life alive

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Neither of my parents were

Neither of my parents were very strongly religious when I was younger. I went to church for the free doughnuts and to see my friends, but I usually slept or daydreamed through the sermon. When I got a little older, about 11 or so, I realized I was gay. I went to church one day, and there was some old guy there ranting about how being gay makes men unmanly and women unpure. I NEVER went back. I just didn't go for a while, and it eventually developed into a disbelief.

As for the comments, I've gotten everything from "Don't rape my girlfriend!" to "You're going to hell since gays are gross!"

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Being gay...

...likely obliged you to lose confidence in those who purport to be doing God's will (i.e., the sanctimonious). How could you be born a sinner (magnified if you're gay) and doomed to Hell?

Your subsequent loss of faith --- all faiths, not just the one in which you were raised --- was a process made possible through a developing intellect!

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I do think that if I was

I do think that if I was straight, I would probably have taken a lot longer to become an atheist. I still think I would've ended up atheist evetually, though.

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On Atheism Today...

You might want to see this article in today's NYT:


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Maybe she's atheist too. I'm

Maybe she's atheist too.
I'm suppose to be roman catholic but we don't really give a rats arse where I come from. There's only two churchs in my town and only one gets used once a week.

* Like what Shaggy said "it wasn't me"*

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I don't think FCG is an

I don't think FCG is an atheist. Her facebook says she's Christian, but then again, it also says she's straight, and that's the biggest lie in the world. Still, she does not seem atheist.

It's very serious business down here where I live... Like I said, there's a church on every block.

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Maybe, you never

Maybe, you never know.

Praise the lord I'm not living where your living.
(jokes) :)

* Like what Shaggy said "it wasn't me"*