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Finally, a full week after the auditions for the school play, I finally found out this afternoon which role I got: Duncan the gay man.

Actually, I had predicted this in advance. I hadn't read the script or anything, just the synopsis, and as soon as I saw that there were gay guys among the characters, I guessed that I would be cast as one of them. It's become a sort of weird theatrical tradition for me, I guess. Just like my friend Leigh always gets cast in the role with either crossdressing or green face paint (and in one instance, both), I seem to always get cast as the gay guy. One hundred percent of the time. Admittedly that's only two roles, but even so.

So I find that a bit ironic. Here I am, more-or-less girl who more-or-less likes girls, playing the guy who likes guys. I find it kind of funny.

The director wants to change the gender of various characters, including Duncan, to match that of their actors. This seems like an unnecessary hassle to me. I certainly would rather just play the male role than go through and change all the names and pronouns and remove every instance of another character referring to me as 'Mister.' I casually suggested this possibility, and with any luck the director will change her mind.

Duncan may prove to be a harder role than Antonio (my only other theatrical role ever, in Twelfth Night). He's an American restaurant manager in the twenty-first century, after all, as opposed to Antonio the sixteenth-century Scottish-Italian pirate. No swashbuckling swordfight scene, no implausible accent, but most significantly, his job. He's a restaurant manager, for object-of-oath. I'm not remotely the restaurant manager type. Then again, I guess that's why it's acting. I'm much more the pirate-turned-sidekick type, though. Especially the sidekick part.

I've mentioned this before, but it still holds true from last week, when I first rambled aimlessly about it as I'm about to do again now: I can see myself ending up like Antonio, devoted sidekick/personal servant to some oblivious person with whom I would be madly in love. It's not a particularly glamorous career, or one that could really be set as a goal ('What do you want to be when you grow up?' 'Oh, a sidekick, definitely. I want to follow somebody around, carry his luggage for him, and answer assorted questions when his memory alone fails to serve...'), but I think it fits pretty well with my temperament.


Not much else to report.