it's been...

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a loong time since ive entered anything here.

been a looong two weeks as well. failing classes. can't get up to make them. bike is toast, ovalized head tube.

can't ride

been depressed as hell

suicidal as hell,

dad's 64th bday today
sister had to make a mess of it. being a total bitch, telling me i owed her money i already paid her and shit

deleted my facebook acct, too annoyed w/ it currently, and now, i am done for awhille.

was supposed to start my meds again today, but failed to make it to the pharmacy,

fucking going out of my mind again,.

bi-polar disorder sucks, so does PTSD

i am crazy, i can't deny or accept this
my friend commented on my facebook acct i needed a girl to cheer up and chill me out.

thanks asshole. same w. max.

fuck both of you.

stormed out of my dad's adult family home's bday for my dad tonight since sister was being a bitch, walked home in the pouring rain.

ended out on the hood of a car-seattle drivers can't drive for shti in the rain- yes, we pedestrians have right of way when the little walky man is lit up, douchebags.

then i got home, and am now thouroughly drunk, thanks to the IPA's and beer i boguht on the walk home- i never wALK.

and whats more, i made an ass of myslef. yay. i love being me. not.


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I was going to say, "Noooooo

Why did you delete your Facebook account?"

But if your friends are saying stuff like that, then I can understand. That kind of stuff gets to me sometimes too. And I completely get the sister trouble, you know that!

I'm sorry everything's so down right now :(

You know you can talk to me whenever you need or want to. I may not have the right things to fact I'm confidant that I don't, but I'm good at listening :)

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you can talk to me too, bro.

you can talk to me too, bro.

ive been depressed and suciidal as fuck. i know what its like. you sure are right when you said how fucking annoying ptsd is. and some of my best friends are bi-polar.
you know im here for you dude.

and i know the pain of it, too. please talk to me. i love you.