Its been so long...

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Its been more than a year and a half now since I've been on here. I figure I'd check in and such.

I wanted to let all of you whom I talked to back in spring of 2009 that i am still here. and sorry if I worried you.

I'm back :)


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goood! im glad your back. im

goood! im glad your back. im glad your still here too! welcome back!

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hey :D

long time no see. i owndered where youd wandered off to

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thanks to both of you. i

thanks to both of you. i left to try and focus on my treatment for a while.

but im back :)
it feels nice. absence makes the heart grow fonder.

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welcome back!

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman