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had the worst possible nightmare last night and woke up with a headache.
i was getting abused physically,sexually,emotionally and i kept trying to run away but he kept finding me. and i tried to change into guy clothes but then they kept hitting me for doing so. and when i tried to hide on the top of the refrigerator in the unfinished basement he still came after me. and everywhere i went, he kept finding me and giving me worse beatings....more and more hand corrections. kicking me. and my sisters wouldnt stop it, lest they receive their own beatings. and mom got beaten too.
and even when i tried to run away he was always there.

i feel like this is too much. this is the worst nightmare i've had in so long. im scared to shut my eyes to sleep again tonight. im terrified of waking up like i did last night. thinking that no matter what he'd be after me and i would never be safe again.