No, im not dead

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not yet at least :P
so, i broke up with becky. its a little weird now. i mean, im so used to hugging and kisssing her. its like UGHHHH. lol
im on from the pc in my little sisters class. lmao. mom had a parent conference. and im gonna keep this short :P
ive been talking to christina. and its just.....yeah :P. i do miss her. and it does sting a little when she talks about her gf. but i just sit/lay there and listen. and then i talk about the girl(s) im crushing on. i try my best not to let it bother me.
i was thinking about joining the airforce. im sure i can do the education stuff. but im starting to doubt myself on whther i could do BMT. like the 1.2 mile(14:21), 25 push ups, and 50 sit ups (in under 1 minute). i can barely do the mile at school in about 17:00. D:
but, if i want it enough, i can do it. and i need to lose about 35 lbs. XD
im so chubby >.>
honestly though, i think ive lost some cause i dont look as heavy now :D
yay me! :P
well i gotta go.
peace all :3