Oh, and thats what I forgot

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Forgot to say about "M"
we've been best friends for 12+ years. for a short bit we were deciding if we wanted to take the relationship further after she came out to me as lesbian, as well.

we didn't talk for about a year as things have been awful for her and her family. really bad turn of events. and it was right after she and i sorta had this one day where we were really considering becoming girlfriends. anyway, taht idea was broken up.
now, she's been in the hospital for a month. who knows, it could be more. and i can occasionally talk online with her, but only very little.

I really want to pick up a card for her, but what to look for? whats appropriate to say?

i love her. but i cant seem too ....protective and hovering.

need some ideas from you guys/gals/non-guys/non-gals/anything else you may identify as/both/neither/all...(ok, i think you get the point here)


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i would say....

hallmark sucks because they have yet to unvail an lgbtq line of cards.... so, for right now, i'd stick with a home made card with maybe a poem or simply "best wishes" inside....here's a poem you can steal if you want....

"to a very dear friend..."
'the good, the bad, we've seen it all,/
we help each other when we fall,/
through the seasons, through the years/
with our laughter and our tears/
i'm there for you and you for me/
i consider you closer than family/
there's not one secret left untold/
our friendship's worth far more than gold/
even when the world seems black/
you find a way to bring me back/
to show me the colours, to see the sunset/
these are the things i'll never forget/
to know us this long, one would think we know all/
but some things about us are like the kabbal'
i know if you like strawberry jam or preserves/
you know if i like to expound or save words/
but one thing that's burning,and eats me right through/
do you know how much i truly love you?'

let me know if you like it...

"to live a day alone, only THAT would be torture! An hour without you, only THAT would be death!" ~gomez and morticia addams
"look at him! i would kill for him! i would die for him! either way what bliss!"~gomez addams

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i really love that poem! but

i really love that poem! but im afraid i cant use it.

i need to follow the idea that less is more. because what happened to M is traumatic. and thats what ultimately, i think, led her to where she is now. i just want to put in a short quote or sentence.

i miss her so much. and im thinking that we may have to completly rebuild this friendship. im scared to start over again. i want it to work out. i wish she knew how i felt.

i wish i could just talk to her about all of it.

--would love ideas for quotes here
--or, if you wanna talk, please PM me. i dont wanna say everything about M right here.