Okay, unimportant

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So I have nothing important to say. I just felt like posting a journal with nothing really to post one about.

I feel really bad for gyping my soccer team. But they moved soccer practice to be earlier, and now I have to miss swimming to go.
And swimming is very important to go to.

I make flimsy rationalizations about how going to soccer practice is mostly just a feel good technique and to show the team I really do care about soccer and aren't leaving the team. Also, I'm only par at soccer and I realize that that's not going to be changing anytime soon, whether I go to practices or not, and half the kids never go to practice ever without anything else to do but xbox.

And, swimming is very important to go to because I really need to get faster to go to swimming, so I can get the champs times I know are now within grasp, and go to champs which is a meet people come from hundreds of miles away to go to, from 3 states.
And I know I'll never be able to go to anything from soccer that has people coming from hundreds of miles away.
I'm MUCH MUCH more likely to go to FINA than FIFA.

But I really should go to soccer practice....

Sigh, nothing else happened recently...