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Helpful Junior: I have to go to this Republican convention thing later.
Me: Oh... So you're a Republican?
Helpful Junior: Not at all. I got guilt-tripped by my teacher. I don't even like politics.
Me: What!? Your TEACHER? Who would do such a thing?
Helpful Junior: Well, uh, Mrs. History Teacher.
Me: Oh, it alllll makes sense now.
Helpful Junior: I didn't want to do it, but she kept making me feel so bad. I felt like I couldn't refuse.

No. Just NO. I have absolutely had it to hell and back with this woman! She's a racist bitch, a terrible teacher, AND she guilt-trips students into political causes? Surely that's not even legal! It can't be! What the hell, Mrs. History Teacher? What IS this bullshit?

When she told me about this, I just felt pure, unadulterated rage bubble within me. Who the fuck does this teacher think she is? How has she been teaching for 30 years without any repercussions whatsoever? You just don't DO shit like that! Asking the students if they wanted to help would've been fine, but guilt-tripping them? I just... UGH.

I snapped at my study hall teacher today. I am not even kidding. Due to studying too hard for my two tests today and a lack of sleep and French Class Girl (Seriously, everyone just sat there and stared in French today!), I was already in a sour mood. The teacher made it worse by insisting that study hall is an actual, important class. In fact, it's apparently so important that a student should get in trouble for going to the bathroom during it. I just... I don't even know. I freaked out. I didn't get in trouble or anything, but it surprised her, and it even surprised me a bit.

Me: You know what? NO. There is no lecture or anything to miss. We don't even do anything in here. DEFINITELY NOT A CLASS.
Teacher: You're supposed to do your work!

I was soooo mad. I can't make it two more days in there. I've never opposed a teacher to their face before. I was just so pissed at her.

There were a few great happenings today, though. Helpful Junior catches on fast. I've never mentioned to her that I think FCG is gay, but when I told her about the bra thing from Friday, she stopped me mid-sentence and said, "Oh, PLEASE don't tell me that next, she asked Irritating Girl to feel." Hahaha!

Besides that, I think I actually did okay on my algebra test. There were only 2 problems I didn't understand.


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Yeah I've snapped at teachers before. Only when they're being so pointlessly stupidly ignorant and cruel to the point of being evil though...
But I really feel bad for doing it, and I REALLY need to not do it though...

No one escapes from life alive

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This was the only time I

This was the only time I ever have... It just sort of came out; I didn't really intend to snap at her. She deserved it sooooo much, though. D:

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History Teacher...

...was so wrong.

She would have been behaving professionally had she encouraged students to become more familiar with political issues and tactics --- but not in such a way as to support one particular party over another!

However... I do appreciate that in your region, finding alternative views could prove difficult (if not outright dangerous). :(

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I'm so shocked that in 30

I'm so shocked that in 30 years of probably behaving this way, she hasn't been sued or anything yet.

She always goes about her job sooo horribly wrong... Every other teacher in that school is well aware that you can't do things like that.

And yeah... If you didn't count the people who were totally apathetic, you'd have a hard time finding just 10 non Republicans in my school.

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chem... i snap at my chem

i snap at my chem teacher all the time and she doesn't even hear me. she never hears anyone...=_=

You're so beautiful, you made me forget my pick up line. ;)

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My study hall teacher is my

My study hall teacher is my chem teacher. No one likes her. She has apparently always been a bitch. She made my friend, who is four years older than me, cry on a regular basis. She also made that friend's older sister, who is seven years older than me, cry on a regular basis. There's a group of 11th grade guys that go off on her at least once a week.