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i don't know why (and i was so happy with my small accomplishment) that i didn't mention that i finally crossed into Exodus in The Old Testament. it's funny the amount of attention a person can get (these days from what i'm guessing) from just reading the bible in a public setting. it's not so much as "why?" but more "how is being religious a bad thing?". it's not like i'm converting people left and right and supporting Scott Lively or that Defend The Family crap. i'm all for my rights and people being able to be with whatever beliefs they have. it's just saddening to see the various stereotypes being perpetuated about people whose beliefs are more tied in with the writings in the Holy Bible. i just wish we could all live in peace. no more war, people of different skin colors, nationalities, political views, sexual orientations, spiritual beliefs, living together in harmony. it's a dream i have, not as in when you sleep you dream, but a sort of vision or idea. i only wish we could all get along.


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Doesn't everybody?

Doesn't everybody?

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apparently not.

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people's views

I'll never get that about people. In Latin class, a girl got up and randomly started explaining her views on world peace:
"I don't think world peace is the goal everyone should be trying for. It's competition that creates progress, and that causes tension, which leads to war. People will always be fighting it out over something or other, and if there was world peace, it wouldn't last long because everybody would get so sick of the boredom they'd start killing each other just for something to do. What should be done isn't stopping war, but preventing as many casualties and other tragedies in the war." I don't 100% agree with this, but it's kind of interesting and I thought I should share. :)

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latin class girl has some odd views!

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it's a fine goal, to be sure...

but until more people can see past their hatred, rage, anger, discrimination and their own ways of life or ingrained beliefs, it probably won't become a reality. i guess someones gotta start it somewhere though.

btw, my reply from the other night didn't post, but thanks for the comment.


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