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Apparently my bi friends are mad because I have a boyfriend now, and the rape-y one just became single the day I told her that and now I am suspecting they want to rape me for serious


I wonder if you guys would think he's attractive. Hmmm. Swimmahguy totally does ;D (Psssssst, I approve of you being a hug whore!! :) Hug that beeotch all you want XD)

AND I KNOW I SHOULDN'T DO THIS but I just found this really cute boy on DA that's gay :3
Got some shirtless pictures, too ;D

Huh, yaaaaawn. I've been SO tired lately. I did not get enough sleep in Salem... Took a three hour nap today! Man, I should go eat some dessert so I can sleep better.

Something I never appreciated before is getting kissed on the cheek, or holding someone's hand <3 <3
I think I'll go melt now.


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I agree!

Hot boy.
But yeah, besides that, I've never appreciated holding someone's hand, because the only times I have have been with icky girls. Ewwy.
Well, and I guess I've never appreciated getting kissed on the cheek either, because I never have been.
And what exactly were you doing in Salem?

No one escapes from life alive

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We had a Show Band competition

and it was overnight, and we had to sleep in a gym. I stayed up late talking to Meesh, and then when I tried to sleep the gym floor destroyed my back so I couldn't.

And I bet if you asked Blueboy to kiss your cheek, he might ;)
You are beautiful, in every single way <3

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Lately he hasn't even been giving me hugs, so I don't know.

No one escapes from life alive

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So Many Possibilities...

...and I bet you didn't fail to note: left handed!

He's got nothing to worry about :)