Staplers Make Me Puke My Guts Out

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Eww, I am so dreading school tomorrow. Last weekend was a three-day weekend, so it's hard to adjust. Why can't we just have four-day school weeks? My school is so beyond stupid that I honestly don't believe we'd miss much. The really sad thing is that we're supposedly the best in the area, and I actually have teachers who don't have teaching degrees and freely admit it. The teachers would just have to actually teach instead of ramble on about irrelevant stuff. (I'm looking at YOU, Mrs. History Teacher. Seriously, this woman is the queen of wasting time. She tells us 20-minute stories about her priest/childhood/family/dog/everything at least three times a week. I highly doubt that's going to be on the AP exam in May...)

Oh, I was meaning to make a post about this. My mom said that I possibly have an option for next year if I really don't want to stay in this awful dump of a town. My cousin, who I did everything with when I was younger, is a senior. My aunt and uncle are going to be so lonely when he goes off to college since he's an only child, right? Well, they only live 5 hours away, and their city is a VAST improvement from my current environment. My mom says they may be willing to allow me to stay with them. There's a school there that my mom always wanted to send me to, and they have a GSA!

I'm seriously considering doing this. I really don't see myself being able to make it past this year in my current school. I have some really bad teachers this year, and I will be stuck with them through 11th and 12th grade too. It's not even the other students that bother me. It's those damn teachers. I will be missing out on having who my friends say is the best teacher there, but having one good teacher isn't worth having lots of bad ones. I can't even begin to fathom 2 more years of this shit. Why stay? Next year will just suck anyway. The general environment is awful, and I won't have a freakazoid to laugh at. (That makes me sad... What will I do when French Class Girl graduates!?)

In other news, I'm gonna rage if I don't get that study hall pass tomorrow! My grades are indeed on the site now, and I can prove that I have all A's! I will fucking go to computer class and print out my grades if I have to.

English: 98
History: 94
Computers: 96
Algebra: 95
Chemistry: 93
French: 97

Also, remember how I said I was gonna lose 10 pounds? Well, uh, my mom and I got hungry, so we made brownies and kinda... ate the entire pan full of them in one night... Okay, so I ate about 1/4 of them, and she had the rest, but still. I am starting to lose weight TOMORROW, then!


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Do you know what depresses me?

I would bet large amounts of nice things on that I could teach my chemistry class a whole lot better than the teacher can, as she obviously doesn't know chemistry or what she's supposed to be teaching us.
But, if I wanted to be able to teach a chemistry class like hers, I'd have to finish high school, then do probably 6 years of college for a masters to get her job.
That's 10 more years of school.
What will I be doing in that 10 years if the end product is the same?
School is poop.

No one escapes from life alive

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School IS poop!

Our chemistry teachers must be long-lost sisters. Mine has NO idea what's going on. Irritating Girl is our chemistry genius, and I learn more from her than I do from the teacher. My teacher can't even do basic math.

If you move to this particular backwater hick town, you don't even need a teaching degree. Completely serious. You can apparently even teach an AP course without one here.

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You can teach a college level course without ever having been to college?
Ew. That's gross.

Yeah, I try to help people with chemistry, because I LOVE chemistry and have studied it outside of school for years, and so know everything I need for this course.

No one escapes from life alive

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She did go to college, but

She did go to college, but she didn't get a teaching degree, nor has she ever intended to get one in all the 30 years she's been teaching.

Luckily, I sit by Irritating Girl, so she helps me when the teacher is being dumb. Pretty much everyone in my corner of the room helps each other. We all just tend to ignore the teacher because she is completely and totally clueless.

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Believe Me...

...the end product in your case would not be the same!

At this juncture, however, just be satisfied that you are able to recognize how teachers could be so much more effective in the classroom.

Maybe you'll become a teacher... and, then, maybe not. It's too soon to make such a firm commitment for a future that has so many opportunities waiting...

Here in the U.S. we have many truly outstanding teachers in high school. These teachers take great joy in what they're able to accomplish.

But this doesn't excuse the fact that our schools also shelter many "teachers" who are grossly incompetent. What's even more atrocious is that a vast number of the "incompetents" are tenured...

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"But this doesn't excuse the

"But this doesn't excuse the fact that our schools also shelter many "teachers" who are grossly incompetent. What's even more atrocious is that a vast number of the "incompetents" are tenured..."

My state has some of the worst education for a reason, I've begun to suspect. :P We have a LOT of those "teachers."

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That's good. I'd take that

That's good. I'd take that offer, but that's just me. Who knows you might meet someone.
Yeah teachers are crap here too. The only difference is they've got qualifications.

* Like what Shaggy said "it wasn't me"*

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I had an English teacher

I had an English teacher last year who didn't even know what adverbs are. My school's teacher-selecting abilities are PATHETIC.

And I'm about 85% sure I'm taking the offer...

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You could move up here too!

You could move up here too! ;) I never realized how lucky I was to have so many great teachers at my school. My school has some bad teachers as well, but the good definitely outweigh the bad in my experience.

I had a Civics class teacher that was worse than your History teacher. Granted, it wasn't an AP class, just honors... But we didn't learn shit in that class. We spent that whole class doing homework for other classes or eating snacks, basically. We watched a few movies and had a few projects that didn't really effect our grade, and he basically told us the answers to the final on the day of the test, which was a joke.

But yeah, I'd seriously consider that offer. They live in a city right? A city is probably gonna have better teachers. Good luck and all.

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Haha, wow... There are

Haha, wow... There are actually a LOT of classes like that at my school. I've heard economics can barely even be counted as a class since all they do is watch movies and eat and stuff. We only work for about 20 minutes each day in computer class. That's also what history was like for me last year.

I still have a while to make a final decision, but I'm definitely considering it.

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Oh man...

No wonder you're going nuts in there, that'd make me crazy!

It's a big decision so it's good not to rush it. I hope it all turns out well. :]

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Ha teachersss

I can relate with teachers who procrastinate. Last year I had this health teacher who liked to talk all about her "Crazy College Years!" It was a little horrifying though because, unfortunately her little stories usually were in a sense Health related. Oh and when she wasn't talking about that she was talking about Prostate cancer and how it ran in her family.

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Haha, wow...

Haha, wow...