Texas students support transgender classmate...

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Last week, the students at North Dallas High School ended their day in a rally of support for one of their own: Andy Moreno, a transgender teen who was denied the opportunity to run for homecoming queen.

"I felt like I am being discriminated [against] because I tried running for homecoming queen, and I wasn't able to because the principal said it wasn't based on tradition," Moreno told MTV News. One of the administrators had a problem with Andy running, so she reached out to Principal Dinnah Escanilla, who "said that I was a gay male — which, to me, was a little ignorant, because she doesn't seem that educated in the transgender topic."

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The world definitely needs

The world definitely needs some more education when it comes to 'the transgender topic.' Even I thought, until I read some books on the subject a few months ago, that all homosexuals were transgender people who chose not to modify their bodies. I can imagine that the vast majority of the straight population is similarly ignorant.

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I agree, most people are

I agree, most people are ignorant when it comes to trans issues. Which is different than being hateful- I wasn't hateful when I thought that gays and lesbians would be attracted to each other as a child, just rather confused. xD But what bothers me is that a lot of information on trans people that is in the mainstream is utter nonsense, or shows trans people as the butt of jokes. And people need to learn not to tell other people how they identify. It isn't fair to look at someone and tell them, this is who you are, this is who you like to sleep with. Besides, gender identity and sexual orientation are totally different. I find it frustrating that people told her she was just a gay man- erm, who says she likes guys, and likes guys exclusively? It's quite possible she does, which still doesn't make her a gay man, but there are in fact lesbian trans women.

Pronouns: he/him/his or zie/hir/hirs, please! :)

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C'mon, dictionary!

I checked my dictionary's definition for 'transgender', hoping for something nice I could put here, but of course not. 'A transgendered person is someone who wants obsessively to be a member of the other sex.' NO, DICTIONARY!!! I'm never using you again! I cry as I say goodbye to the old friend... if a dictionary can't be right, it shouldn't be used. I HATE YOU, SECOND COLLEGE EDITION AMERICAN DICTIONARY! (or something of that sort.)

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You're Right!!!!

Hay all I have to agree with you about education on what it means to be a transgendered person.
In fact I didn't even know that transgendered people existed until I did some diging and I thought that being transexual ment that you could have sex with both genders (I thought that I was transexual and turns out I may have been right(^_^)).