The Destruction of Mental Illness

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I know I'm not me so I dont know why this is going on in my brain. can some chemist please tell me what the hell is wrong with the chemicals inside my body?!

I'm slipping into depression through no fault of my own. With no triggers, how the hell am I expected to stop it?

I hate how mental illness erodes my mind. I feel so ashamed because this ISNT me.

I dont get it.
I just keep telling myself tomorrow is Monday which gives me hope. I love Mondays more than anny other day in the week.
So then, when we're only a handful of hours away from Monday, why do I feel so fucking depressed?


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It's all too common

I've been struggling with mental illness for about eight years now. Sometimes there are no triggers and there's not much you can do about how you feel. That's when you need to ask a doctor for some help. It's not always easy to ask for help, but it's worth it. And don't be ashamed; none of it is your fault.

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Thank you

Thank you CapitalSlash.
Unfortunately my therapist/doctor work to call today would be of no use.

Its hard. :(
we should talk or soemthin if yu want

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Are you on medication, if

Are you on medication, if not why don't you try it?
I'm my friend is on it.
* Like what Shaggy said "it wasn't me"*

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Yeah...I'm on 3. They be

Yeah...I'm on 3. They be adding another due to my extreme anxiety though.
....i'm on 2 antidepressants and an antipsychotic.