The glory of Drama, GSA and Prayers For Bobby

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After rehearsal ('twas exhausting) on friday, I got a carpool with one of the seniors to the GSA movie night. We watched Prayers For Bobby.
My crush was there. She sat next to me on the couch and when the movie started she wrapped her arm around my shoulder and I leaned into her chest. After the pizza came and I sat back down she did the same thing, holding me close to her the entire movie. When I cried (because, if you watch prayers for bobby YOU WILL CRY. I PROMISE) she held me even tighter, crying into my hair and then stroking it. We sat together like this through the movie discussion, holding hands as well. We probably looked like we were together.
Then today at rehearsal I noticed something. Whenever she and I are near each other and someone looks in our direction, she will nudge away from me, leading me to wonder that perhaps she is crushing on me and simply scared to show it. This could, of course, be wishful thinking. I don't know. Ideas?


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I am, of course, completely

I am, of course, completely inexperienced and terrible at interpretation, but this sounds really promising.

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it sounds like you may be right....

if there is interest on your part, show it a little at a time; stroke her hair back, place your hand on her shoulder while holding a conversation, if possible, give her a pletonic kiss: kiss her on the cheek, within 2-4 cm of her mouth, at a time that would make this gesture conveniant....

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