The Immortality of Ostriches

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Today was AWFUL. Like... to the max. Where do I even begin? Well, here's a basic list of what happened: an awful history test I didn't know how to study for, a massive headache from my chemistry teacher's piercing voice, the fact that my study hall pass hasn't come in yet, and the misfortune to see more of French Class Girl than I ever needed or wanted to.

So, yeah, the test. It was stupid and pointless and a complete waste of time. Fuck that class. That's the only way I know how to put it.

My chemistry teacher's voice is very grating on the nerves. This gets worse the louder she gets. Today, she felt too lazy to get up, so she simply spoke louder than usual. Ohhh, my poor head... :( It took me 2 hours to get rid of that headache.

I want my study hall pass, and I want it RIGHT NOW! I should've had it on Tuesday. I don't care that the online grading system is a little messed up; I have all A's, and I can and will prove it. I. Want. My. Study. Hall. Pass. If I do not have it Monday, I will go to the office and DEMAND it. There is no reason I should've had to wait this long and suffer through that stupid fucking study hall.

And I'm sure you want to hear about this last one. Well, FCG decided not to wear a bra! I have no idea what the hell was going through her head when she made this decision. She was wearing a very thin shirt, and her lack of a bra became, uh, apparent... The outlines. Oh, holy fuck, the outlines. WHY? What did I do to deserve having to see that? This is one of the very few times I've been grossed out by boobies, which I usually LOVE. I did have a good experience with boobs today, though, which I guess kind of balanced it out. A cute girl in my history class bent over, and I got an eyeful of cleavage. That was nice. But the FCG thing was just vomit-worthy.


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Maybe she's trying to

Maybe she's trying to attract girls or she might be going all nature lol
That's a scary thought.

* Like what Shaggy said "it wasn't me"*

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Haha, the thought of FCG

Haha, the thought of FCG going "all natural" is indeed terrifying. And if she's doing it to attract girls, IT'S NOT WORKING.

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Oh dearie me. I'm actually

Oh dearie me. I'm actually laughing out loud at the bra thing.

It's weird how boobs can be so attractive and yet so repulsive based on who they're attached to.

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It IS pretty funny to think

It IS pretty funny to think about, but it was a horrible sight to have to see! And I know, right? D: