This journal is a little TMI at some parts.

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Although Super Duck is getting her study hall pass tomorrow, she is not a very happy girl. Why? Well, today was drug test day, and they've, uh, switched methods. Some people cannot use public restrooms unless it's an absolute emergency. Super Duck is one of those people. Today was not a fun day.

I didn't have my usual study hall teacher today. Instead, I had my history teacher. We all know how I feel about my history teacher. Guess what? She is ten times worse in study hall. WHY do these teachers take a non-class so seriously? I guess it doesn't matter, though, since TOMORROW I SHALL PREVAIL! Ahahaha, yes! It shall be so great!

Facebook advertisements know what kind of car I have. I'm a little scared. I think they are stalking me. Hahaha! Apparently, you can buy eyelashes for your car. That's, uh, interesting.

French Class Girl was nice today. She talked to me for a while and didn't laugh at me when Irritating Girl told her of my, uh, issue earlier today. In fact, I think she kind of almost felt bad for me. She then started complaining about some movie being disgusting. I asked her why it was so awful. Her answer? "I liked it at first, but then it showed a dick. EWWWWW!"

...Oh, wow. I started laughing, and I think she noticed. She didn't say anything, though. FCG is not allowed to deny being a lesbian anymore. She just can't after that.

I just ate some peanut butter with chocolate and drank a sip of Coca-Cola. My mouth now tastes like Play-Doh. I am very, very confused. I used to love Play-Doh. Now I wish I had some.

I almost saw up Old Crush's skirt today! ALMOST! But then she moved her leg. Awww. Sad day. I hope she didn't catch me trying to look! Today has been embarrassing enough.


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I just googled "car

I just googled "car eyelashes".

...Thanks a whole cheesy lot!

My old crush- I sure tell you a whole load of stuff 'bout her, huh?- wore a skirt one day, and I took all her stuff and deliberately set it on the floor. She knew what I was trying to get at (I was being really obvious about it 'cause her and me can be cool like that) and to this day, I still don't understand how she managed to pick everything up without bending over or exposing herself in anyway. It just blows my mind.

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Car eyelashes are pretty creepy, yeah?

My old crush barely knows me, so that would NOT go over well with her! Hahaha! And I guess it's just magical old crush powers

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They drug test you at

They drug test you at school?

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Yes! And for like, no

Yes! And for like, no reason. They ALWAYS do the honors classes whenever they pull "random" classes. I'm about ready to freakin' refuse if they don't offer an alternative method 'cause this just won't work!