today was...

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hell. on wheels.

nah, just kidding. it was awesome. i finally picked up my trail bike for the first time in a few months and went riding @ 3 am the other night when i was depressed, and i forgot how well riding and getting endorphins flowing through your body can help.

I felt a little sketchy today jumping in the bike park, but by then end of the day, was back hitting some pretty size-able jumps (15-22 feet) and was getting fairly comfortable in the air.

today was also take a kid mountain biking day on our local trails, so i got to lead groups of kids out on the trails, teach them how to ride, things of that nature. it was quite fun.

also got to hang out and ride w. some old friends, local pro mnt bikers, and ride some sweet stuff. all in all, today was a good day.

that urban night ride i had two nights ago was also quite fun. went to see the premiere of a new ski flick downtown, and rode some urban mtb after that, finding some really smooth, flowing lines through seattle center.

it was fun, and totally got my mind out of the rut it was in a few days ago. sorry again jeff.

on the plus side, i have decided i am going to ride more often, get in shape, start swimming @ the gym and maybe try my hand @ skiing again, for the first time in many, many years. i miss charging it down steep chutes, floating through waist deep powder snow,and hitting bgi jumps down the hilll.

saw this movie the other night @ the premiere and it only got me more stoked! scored a few free passes to the local resort too!