totally confused

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i'll just cut to the chase here. so i was getting my schedule changed, no big deal. i go into the classroom to get a signature and suddenly i'm overtaken by this beautiful guy, he says he's my cousin (never seen him before in my life). so i get the slip signed and the guy (who i will call "N") hugged me in an almost more than friendly way (all sorts of thoughts and feelings start to build). i really hoped he was kidding about the cousin thing because i have no recollection of ever seeing "N" at a family reunion or anything. oh, i was so embaressed that i was having so many awful thoughts and that he might possibly be my cousin, or not, it really bothers me. i was almost about to hit on him later today but i thought "Just ask him." so i asked if he was gay (a dumb question), when i should've asked if he was my cousin. well he isn't gay and that's a good thing so i'll stop thinking about him. it's all so confusing, everything is so confusing.


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did you ever find out if

did you ever find out if he's your cousin? that would make for some fun family gatherings. psht.