Turkeys Should Know CPR

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Irritating Girl and French Class Girl held hands for quite a while today. Oh, wow. They were just sitting there, holding hands. Well, technically, FCG held IG's hand, but IG didn't really pay attention. I don't think she even noticed. Hahaha. Ewww, there is no telling where those filthy paws have been. I hope IG washed her hands after class. If FCG held my hand, I know I'd go wash it off in boiling hot water. Ugh. Who'd want FCG germs!? DEFINITELY not me. So nasty.

Helpful Junior couldn't meet me after school today. Sad face. :( We need to rage about Mrs. History Teacher together. She is playing blatant favorites in my class. My friend and I had the EXACT same answers on our homework. She got full credit. I got 3 points taken off for my answers being "out of order." SO WERE MY FRIEND'S. I looked at her paper before class to check my answers. All were the same and in the same order. RAAAAAGE.

An amazing thing happened to me today. Did I finally get laid? No. Did I win a million dollars? No. Did Old Crush flash me? No. Did I get my study hall pass? YEAH! It's the total opposite of study hell in the room we go to. Oh, my gosh, it's amazing. Most of my friends and some nice juniors are in there. You can get out your phone or MP3 player. You can talk or sleep if you want. I can actually get help on my homework. It's... It's beautiful. :')

I feel as if all my pain and suffering have paid off! I have prevailed! Ahhh, it's amazing! It's wonderful! One of my 19203564 issues has been resolved! Now I just need some more magic solutions to, uh, a few more...


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This is random but...

Your journal entries often make me smile. Thank you.

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You're welcome!

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I agree

And yeah, I have a lot of issues too. Like, this morning, my alarm on my phone goes off, and I'm all tired and I turn it off, and then I look at my phone and I see it's Tuesday, and then I'm all RAGE, because I'm so tired it feels like at least Thursday. But I guess it's just all the tests we've taken recently...

No one escapes from life alive

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I knowww... No idea how I'll

I knowww... No idea how I'll make it to Friday!