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You know how whenever people fail a test, they say they bombed it? Well, I didn't just bomb 2 of my 3 tests today. I bombed them atomically. Ugh. My English teacher was really nice today for some reason, though. I just took all these freaking tests, and I have an essay due Monday that has to be absolutely perfect or else my grade is fucked sideways forever.

I started crying in the car today. I can't stand school. There are only 3 classes that I either like or can tolerate, and the rest are just awful. Why can't I take classes I like? Wouldn't that be more beneficial than taking a load of classes I care nothing for? I loathe chemistry with the white-hot passion of a thousand suns. I get seriously upset about this! I can't fucking stand half of the required subjects! If I could drop even just chemistry, my life would improve so much, even if I still had to take algebra and history.

Someone please tell me why I took French class. The Spanish teacher is so nice and normal, and she actually views her students as human beings. Why, oh why, did I take French instead of Spanish? I honestly can't even remember my thought process. I guess my life would be significantly different (and less interesting!) without French class, though. Next year, there will be no French class. It has already been decided. French Class Girl will be gone, so no one else in the class wants to take it again. Our French class seriously revolves around her.

Today, FCG called herself a "little Swedish-looking girl." UMMM, NO. I have a Sweden fetish, so FCG is never allowed to say that again. Ever. And I mean EVER. I also noticed today that she was making really, really strange faces while having her hair touched. Having fun, FCG? Girls were actually arguing over who got to touch her hair today! Although to be fair, the texture of it is pretty amazing. Eww, that was embarrassing to admit. I think I've told you guys I've touched her hair before. It was just for a second, though! I'm not crazy!

Since 8th grade, I've gone to my mom's friend's house with her and helped pass out candy. That neighborhood is safer than mine, so my sister trick-or-treats there. I love dressing up and scaring the little kids, but... This year, I'm just not feeling it. My mom still wants me to go and do it, but I've just felt awful lately. Why bother, though? What kid is going to run away screaming from a stressed out, overly tired almost-16-year-old who cries at the drop of a hat?

I'm so tired lately... It's only 11:15, and I'm in some weird half-awake, half-asleep kind of state.


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What do you mean by

atomically bombing your tests? For me, atomically bombing a test would be getting an 83, but for you it could be like either a 95 or a 13 for all I know.

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It depends on the subject;

It depends on the subject; in chemistry, it would be an 85 or so, and in history, it would be a 70.

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She's trying to attract you.

She's trying to attract you. Go for it, if your desperate enough.

* Like what Shaggy said "it wasn't me"*

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D: Well, she's not doing a

D: Well, she's not doing a very good job!

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hehe fcg

shes so ...unexplainable. and im taking french when that time comes. mainley because i disslike france severly. so if i learn there languege i can destroy their terrible nation

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Haha, well, good luck?

Haha, well, good luck?