Well. I sort of hoped this wouldn't happen.

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So, high school is going great, I have friends (for once) the GSA is amazing and the theater community is too, I seriously had a conversation (at theater) where I was talking to Bronwyn and I made a reference to someone I know by saying "He's the one who asked me how lesbian I am" and someone overheard us and said "wait, are you lesbian?" and I said "yes" and she said "good for you" and then we discussed various reactions people had when I came out to them. I really love how amazingly tolerant my school is. By the way WEAR PURPLE ON WEDNESDAY to honor the recent suicide victims, I'm sure you've all heard about this already but if you haven't just google "October 20th Spirit day" or look at the facebook event. Good stuff.
I have a really horrible crush on Bronwyn. It's not good, because while I sometimes feel she might be crushing on me, she's two years older than me and I kinda doubt it...I probably wouldn't crush on a seventh grader, which is the same relative age difference. Still, I can't get her out of my head. Sometimes in theater or during break I'll lean on her shoulder and she'll lean on my head and I'll watch her draw. I spent about three hours doing this on friday (first line-through...The Crucible is an extremely long play) I've gotten a lot closer to her over the past week, which, again might not actually be a good thing. Most of my crushes end unwell.
I wrote a poem about her, though. I think I'll call it Fall. I'll post it here when I have more time...I am being summoned to dinner.