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Health class actually had a good idea! Well, we've done a few other things I would say are actually good things to do in that class, but this one amazed me.

We're doing a self-letter, or letter to self, I imagine some of you have done this... But basically, you write a 12 page letter to yourself that no one will read except you and those you choose to share it with. I appreciate that.
And the letter you write as a frosh, and then it will be given back to you after you graduate high school, whenever that may be.

I've only drafted a few pages, but they're pages of deep secrets and feelings I didn't even know I had.
This is a good thing for me, cause I don't really talk to anyone about my feelings or anything, and I do soime writing here but I don't actually get to the real underlying feelings and secrets and crap I'm writing about in this thing.

And I think a lot, a LOT, about things going on in my life, and what I can do about them and what I'm dreading and what I'm excited for, but I've never actually gotten it onto paper where I can see it and I'm amazed...



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Yes... A Great Project... that years later (probably not as soon as high school graduation) you'll wish you had at hand so that you could go back, read, and attempt to fathom: just who was that guy that became me?

But... I'd not be quite so sanguine about its security being completely in your control! Just one of my concerns... Presumably this will be an ungraded project, and ostensibly some students could just hand in 12 blank pages in a sealed envelope?

To my way of thinking, you will find it of much greater value (when you're much older) if you'd keep your own private diary --- not to be shared. And in that diary I'd like to see a complete script (as though it were written for a stage play or movie) that describes in detail all of your activities, thoughts, and conversations for just one day out of each year (at least through high school).