You know what's not okay?

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People treating me like crap after I'm there for them emotionally or financially. I've had this happen to me two times this week. So much fun, right? I have no problem with cutting people out of my life if they treat me like crap, especially if it's soon after I've extended my hand to them. I've done it before, and I'll do it again. It's a little trickier when it's family, though. I guess I just roll with the punches as per usual and forgive but not forget.

They ruined what could have been a fine day. I'm stuck in my room. I don't even want to leave because I'm still so pissed off, but at he same time I'm starving.

Then I have someone else being dismissive towards me and that's not helping. But I guess you just moooooove on.


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this happens to me too. i

this happens to me too. i cant fucking stand it.
especially since those that told me they'd always be there are NEVER there. and its not as if i'm calling them to play Go fish or some other card game.
im not sure if they have it in their head that im actually depressed and fucking suciidal.

i get where youre coming from too. it happens to me.