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I have several things I've been wanting to say in this journal. #1: I'm so mad at myself. I like a Disney Channel song. I've been hearing far to many of them from this Disney-obsessed sibling of mine, and now I actually like one. Gaah. It's called Me, Myself, and Time, by Demi Lovato. From that whatever chance show. The words, especially in the verses, aren't so great, but the background music is getting me. I mentioned in Musicalchef's you guys... journal I'm a synesthete, and if you don't know what that is (which you probably don't) I suggest Google, as I don't feel like explaining. The main reason I like (AAH!) this song is because the background music has red pattern-string things, with lots of little sparkly diamonds (or rhomboids) shooting in and out, with a pretty silver zigzag shooting through. All moving around, it's one of the best. So why does it have to be Disney?
#2: Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus. It was my BROTHER's favorite movie at age 3, and my 4th favorite at age 5. Last night, he, my mother, and I purged the movie drawer, and couldn't resist watching it for the sake of hilarity. I entertained myself with the possibility Barbie-oh, I mean Princess Annika- was actually a transgirl, which just made things seem funnier, though I'm not quite sure why. I also entertained myself by counting the number of 'important' males, meaning who talk at some point. The grand total was 7. We lost track at 34 or so females. Oh, Barbie. Your world is so twisted.
#3: A new vocab word from the little brother who gave us 'gajindiak'! Glarby: adj. Something is glarby when it seems like it should be louder than it is. Example: Heavy metal hard rock etc. played very quietly.
I tried and failed to keep it short.
Off to listen to Me, Myself, and Time. I get mad at myself about my taste sometimes.


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I wish I could experience

I wish I could experience synesthesia. I'm so, so jealous.

nothing is permitted. everything is allowed.

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I'm officially stealing

I'm officially stealing 'glarby' from your little brother.... xD

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I don't know if you can 'steal' it, as glarby is a word now. You certainly can use it, though.
About my synesthesia: I sometimes wonder if I have some kind of chemical brain condition or something, I mean, what are the chances of a queer synesthete, and my brain also works in other really strange, quirky ways... I'm certainly fine with it, though. I once started yelling at my friend because she colored an L on our poster blue... teehee.
EDIT: I'm now listening to that SONG,for the TWENTIETH time, dancing around, in my room, in the dark, wearing my rainbow kneesocks. I thought you all needed that terrifying mental picture. The socks match the song! MWEEHEEHEEHEEHEE!!!
I'm so weird.

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I've actually been wondering

I've actually been wondering whether the chances of a queer synesthete are higher than the probability of queer times the probability of synesthete. Likewise with other interesting 'disorders' such as dyslexia.

Who else here has other peculiarities besides orientation or gender?