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I just read my mom, my brother, and my gramma two poems I read about giving birth and the second one is about an abortion.

holy shit.
what was i thinking.


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I'm sorry, but I must ask:
What did they say?
What was the poem?
You don't need to answer me if you don't want to.

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They really loved itt. But

They really loved itt. But my gramma asked where I thought of such ideas. It wasnt biographical, and she knew that.
they were both poems that I wrote. one was about a woman getting an abortion--part of a nightmare i had about a year ago.

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I could never read my poems

I could never read my poems to my family...anyone else, sure. But not my family. They have a tendency to psychoanalyze me already....

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yeah. i was afraid that my

yeah. i was afraid that my gramma was gonna ask if any of it was the reason why i left college. and so i had gotten really scared bout it.

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Oh, I hate when people do that. My grandmother is ALWAYS doing some sort of psychological analysis of me. If I spazz and accidentaly spill coffee on the expensive carpet, she goes all, "You're doing this to be defiant, to show you're your own person, and rules can't hold you," etc. etc. Maybe I just don't have such great muscle control, okay? I mean, I could never read her poetry. Far too much opportunity for that. The bad thing is, I also have a tendency to psychoanalyze people, and I'm afraid I'm like her that way. The difference is that I'm right whenever I'm sure, and know not to share them excessively. I learned that after correctly reading the mind of the 9 girls in my summer camp dorm, and also being 100% correct about all the romance futures. Now they always are asking me to 'analyze' them and others, particularly crushes. So I'm annoyed, and have learned not to share this talent.
Okay, okay, this isn't on topic. Sorry.