aiye yi yi

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How do you spell that, anyway? I know the way I just didisn't right,, but I won't do aye aye aye like people say. Way too boring.
I just came so close to being caught by my mom... I went to bed early so I could go on Oasis, and she came up to make sure I was all right, apparently I've been acting depressed lately, going off and trying to get some space... I don't know what I'd say if she found me under the blanket trying to hide the glow of my internet-accessing DsiXL.
Luckily she didn't see it. . .
aie yieie, wha?
Today my friend and I used a hammer to smash up pistachio nuts, to crack them and then grind them into a powder. We made pistachio paste and other assorted things out of it... I have no idea why we did that, but that's okay, it was fun. I guess most people would talk or watch TV or something. We smash pistachio nuts on the kitchen floor.