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I have been asked repeatedly if I'm OCD, and I don't really know. I, personally, don't think it makes a difference because I'll be the way I am, whether it has a name or not, but I'll admit I'm curious. I don't really know every sign of OCD, but I do seem to show a lot. I've been asked/told I'm OCD for these reasons:
I carefully inspect silverware, plates, bathrooms, etc. before using, and I wrap the ends of silverware with napkins so I don't touch them sometimes.
As soon as I sit in a desk I wipe it off with a hand wipe and then erase any leftover pencil marks.
I get bothered by random things like if the door/window is open or closed and placement of furniture.
I like lining things up neatly. Today a teacher made fun of me for making sure the handles on all her music-box things were facing the same way.
I don't have much of the number thing. I do like multiples of 3 kind of a lot, though. Yeah, especially nine. 9!
Thing is, not one person of my friends or my mother's side of the family ever mentioned OCD, and they all saw me making sure I got 3 straws and 3 napkins. It's my dad (who hates my guts) who always says I'm OCD, and I do act more like that at his house, because it's absolutely filthy. Random kids and people have said so, too.I can't really ask my mother if I am, because she'll say he's trying to wear down my self-esteem or whatever and if I 'document' him saying that she can use it in court, or whatever. I don't think it matters, but I'm rather curious...


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For a wihle I thought i had

For a wihle I thought i had OCD but my parents wouldnt believe it. but they actually diagnosed me with it i think. i mean im not sure its like on my official medical records but I have it really bad.

Anyway, if you want to look it up online: look up Y-BOCS

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I find

Leave diagnosing to the professionals. For one, don't look up the symptoms. I've done that, and your natural tendency is to match the symptoms up to yourself.
I've thought I had OCD before too. If you're really worried about it, and it's starting to negatively affect you, go see a professional, who can make the final say on if you do and how bad.
Personally, I think OCD isn't a real condition, as I think EVERYONE has it, it just depends how bad.
I think I might have it SLIGHTLY worse than average, but not bad enough to actually seek help for it.

Especially when I read stories about people like this one boy who saw laser beam hallucinations coming out of every power socket, and so when he walked down a hall, he saw it as his duty to weave over and under and around his hallucinated laser beams projected by outlets, making him look really weird going down a hall.

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