Anonymous: Coranto

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performed by: Arto Wikla
this is my most favorite song ever.

value destroyed


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But acoustics not quite right?

Sounds like it could have been composed by Weiss... Agree?

However, my preference still goes to Weiss' Sonata No. 2. I was searching for the Prelude by Barto (magical tension as he resists rapid development), but couldn't find it... This later movement, however, is the high point:

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oh yeah.

yes, the acoustics are a bit distorted but they seem to enhance the sound of the bass strings. and the lute song was in "The Lute Book of Margaret Board" dated from 1620-1635 before Sylvius Leopold Weiss was born (1687). it is believed by a few that John Dowland (refered to in some parts of the book as "Doctor Dowland"), who gave Margaret Board lute lessons, might have written the piece in the manuscript or Ms. Board. back to the other point, yes i do find the performance very melodic and full of energy. :)