Another switcharoo Awaits

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In only 2ish years of therapy, I've already been through 6, I think, therapists.

This makes me feel even worse. How can I trust these people when they're the ones I tell everything to, only to have them leave me and abandon me without ever talking to me again? Its not like I hear from them. No.

I hate this.

I should talk to them at group about this tomorrow I think. Because its not fair how they keep leaving me. Sure, I want to be relieved of the pain but why only to have to put all the camoflauge back on when I switch therapists again and have to retell every fucking story?

I don't get the use of these things.

What the fuck is the point of this thing people call life?
I'm sure video games are better than life and I'm not even a "gamer" so what the fuck is the point of trying so hard anyway? We're all going to be shut down in the end.


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I think a therapist is meant

I think a therapist is meant to be someone you can trust without loving.

As to the point of this thing people call life? I'm not sure anyone really knows. But if you've ever sat on a rooftop and watched a sunset turn the clouds orange and purple, you've probably caught a glimpse of the general idea.

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In the past couple years I had 4 therapists because of something creepy about my dad... only 1 was really any good, the 1st, and he got riid of her for caring about me. Nobody else lasted, I currently don't have a therapist. I must say, I don't really like therapists all that much...
I think that life is there so we can gain happiness from the things better than it :). But really, I think nobody knows what'll happen and what the point is 'till life's over, and then we'll all be glad we got a chance to experience it...
That sounds kinda crazy, but that's okay.