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So, I had this dream last night in which I had a raging obsession with peanut butter. I refused to eat anything else. In my dream, I went to Walmart in an attempt to satiate my desire for peanut butter. When I got there, I saw a guy I go to school with. He's one of those white guys who draws, talks about, and watches anime 24/7 and desperately wishes he was Japanese. I ran over to him, carrying a jar maked "Blueberry Peanut Butter." (I wish I was kidding.) The contents of the jar were kind of a purplish blue, but it was still peanut butter somehow. He was quite confused, as most people probably would be. I excitedly opened the jar and began to eat the stuff with my bare hands. Then, my dream ended. It was by far the weirdest thing ever. What the hell is blueberry peanut butter, and why was that guy I barely talk to there!? Why can't I have normal person dreams?

I am excited about having all of this week off school, but I hate all the homework I got from my history teacher. I could understand giving us the worksheet and the chapter to read. I do NOT see why the 139247 summaries of article-document-thingies (which take me and most of my classmates an average of about an hour per summary) and the 9 or so questions were necessary. Come on, it's a fucking holiday, woman! Ugh!

Also, I'm gonna be so bored without FCG this week. I hope she's no longer bothered by whatever was making her so weird towards me last Friday. Oh, you guys are gonna love what happened to me Saturday. My mom dragged me to this department store so she could buy some shirts. We passed the underwear section a few times, and there was a giant picture of an underwear model in seductive red lingerie. Why is this relevant? Well, because of her hair, every time I passed by, I mistook the woman for FCG. I felt sooo... awkward...

In other news, I saw the Harry Potter movie today. Two words: Emma Watson.

It has been soooo long since I read the books. We used to have all of them, but I think my mom got rid of them when she was going through her crazy phase a few months ago. She said she might have, and now she wishes she hadn't. Uhh... Anyway, yeah, I loved the Harry Potter series in elementary school. I was a delightful little nerd who would draw extremely crappy fan comics of it, and I was convinced that one day, I'd get my Hogwarts letter. Obviously, I didn't.

I also found out that apparently movie theater popcorn is a lot worse for you than the stuff you pop in the microwave at home. I now feel like the fattest person ever. Oh, well, I guess I can just not eat as much food tomorrow. I reallyyyyy don't want to be fat... How can I get motivated to exercise? I'm inept at sports, and I hate going for walks in my neighborhood because weird people like my chemistry teacher always look at me. I guess I will go for a walk if I have to, but I hate the feeling that anyone can just watch me as I walk.

Anyway, I'm really tired now, so I'll leave you guys to ponder blueberry peanut butter or something. Goodnight!


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Haha blueberry peanut

Haha blueberry peanut butter? Now that's different. I wander what that teste like...

So did I. That reminds me, the girl who was serving me looked a bit like Emma Watson, unfortunately she's my principles daughter and she goes to another school. Emma Watson's so pretty.

* Like what Shaggy said "it wasn't me"*

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I don't remember what it

I don't remember what it tasted like in the dream. I bet it would be kind of gross, though.

She is! When I was like, 10, I had a huge crush on Emma Watson. Haha. It was during like, the 3rd movie, I think.

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I didn't think Emma Watson

I didn't think Emma Watson really got hot until the around the fifth movie... but from then on, kabloosh. Mind is blown.

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Well, when I look at her in

Well, when I look at her in the 3rd movie now, I don't think she's hot either, but I sure did at the time. Haha. She's very attractive now, though, for sure! ;D

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i finaly found an excersize i enjoyed, running on the treadmill in a less then fully dressed fashion, but then right after i started getting in the habit, and felt all good and fit and started eating like carrots and celery randomly, my dad broke the tread mill, by dropping the TV on it that he was moving. broke the TV to. double lose :(

"A loving man and woman in a committed relationship can marry. Dogs, no matter what their relationship, are not allowed to marry. How should society treat gays and lesbians in committed relationships? As dogs or as humans?"

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Sadly, I don't think I have

Sadly, I don't think I have a treadmill. :(

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Difficulty in Imagining...

...this very odd sequence of events!

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My dreams are usually MUCH weirder than that... think 3rd graders wearing rainbow bathing suits running through school with water balloons, and a swamp growing under them...I'm probably 1 of the few people in the world who would like blueberry peanut butter. I can imagine how it'd taste, too...mmmm....

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I've had some pretty crazy

I've had some pretty crazy ones, but none involving 3rd graders in rainbow swimsuits and swamps....

I'm not sure if I'd like blueberry peanut butter, but I sure did in my dream!

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'He's one of those white

'He's one of those white guys who draws, talks about, and watches anime 24/7 and desperately wishes he was Japanese.'

My school is full of those.

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Shockingly, he's the only

Shockingly, he's the only one I know of. Wait, no, in the middle school there is a 7th grader that only draws anime. But other than that, we don't have many Wapanese at all...

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Yeah. Emma Watson. I agree.

Yeah. Emma Watson. I agree.

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