Can;t write much

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Cant write much because I cant focus too much, either.
This anxiety or whatever this is, has been causing me something so awful. i cant remember or know when it first started.

but ive started, now, whenever my mind gets overwhelmed with thinking theres a blood curdling scream going on in my head.

i cant focus straight.


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im sorry hon! it'll get

im sorry hon! it'll get better! if you need me, i'm always here.

and its ok. i dont think any of us can focus straight either! i can't even think straight! :-) feel better!

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then again, ive never been

then again, ive never been one to focus STRAIGHT.
im gay.
who am i kidding? :p

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i came to the comments with the intention of leaving such a comment, but you beat me to the draw

"A loving man and woman in a committed relationship can marry. Dogs, no matter what their relationship, are not allowed to marry. How should society treat gays and lesbians in committed relationships? As dogs or as humans?"

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me miss ferrets.

me miss ferrets.

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*hugs* when i'm having an

*hugs* when i'm having an anxiety attack (which I do...often, though not usually bad ones) I repeat vocal warm-ups in my head until it goes away. This would probably work with anything you have memorized.
It's funny though, because when I'm having a really bad attack I do the warm-ups out loud which means I'm saying "To sit in solemn silence in a dull, dark, dock in a pestilential prison with a life, long, lock, awaiting the sensation of a short, sharp, shock, from a cheap and chipper chopper on a big, black, block." when I'm freaking out.

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aw, yeah. i understand. they

aw, yeah. i understand.
they upped one of my anxiety meds. the way my doc asked me if it would be okay to increase it was relatively scary...she said ...would you be okay, i mean it is pretty heavy stuff....


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Good to see you're still

Good to see you're still with us, in any case. I had begun to worry; you'd disappeared for a while.

Bookworm - I like that mantra... Bit depressing of subject matter, but the words are very catchy.

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Agh. I was going to say something about the 'straight' thing, too. And centerfielder, you can always pm! Know that, okay! Also, Bookworm, that's a little bit of a depressing mantra, but that's okay. Oh wow, I just realized that's almost exactly what MacAvity just said, but I seriously thought of that phrase independently... creepy. But I'll post it anyway despite the lack of originality. But just hang on, and pm me if you want, centerfielder. Good luck. :) (I think you know which smile that is... the Smile of Support, remember?)