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phase into the dream, and first all i feel is a gentle upwards sweeping feeling, then a slow lowering feeling, the sound of soft woodchips under my shoes. push off and fly up again, sink back, feet on the ground. repeat. open eyes, process. seesaw, flat, sit, handles, woodchips, playground. alone. except. for. him. across the plank, sitting, flying, sinking, staring. into. my. eyes...duck. blond hair floating, flopping, settling. strawberry smile starting, growing, flashing. push off the ground, crunch, hold, soar, stare, eyes, fall, crunch, repeat. push off and soar, away from the playground, still staring, still floating, away, into the sky. open eyes. process. bed, pillow, room, music, dream. ugh.

so wonderful. can i go back?