Dressing up tonight.

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I'm going out tonight with my girlfriend and my rugby team to celebrate our fall season. It was my first time playing rugby, and I loved it.

The attire is dressy. I will likely be the only one on the team not in a dress. Although I identify somewhere on the FtM spectrum, I play for a women's team because of biology (and also because I hear the guys' team is full of bros- and one of them called Lady Gaga a tra**y, which just gives me a bad feeling about playing for them). My team isn't entirely aware of my gender identity, and I'm considering coming out to them more formally soon.

For now, I'm just choosing to dress up tonight in my own way. I will be binding, but likely not packing for comfort reasons (sometimes it's just awkward worrying about whether or not my dick is in the right place). I'm planning on wearing a somewhat nice black button down shirt, a black and gold tie (school colors, school name on it too), khaki pants, and boots. I'm hoping I'll look nice and maybe even charming. My team really is very important to me. These girls are like a family to me a lot of the time. Rugby is a wild sport with a lot of strange and amusing traditions, too.