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Quick background, for those of you that don't read my boring personal journals.
There's a guy, Blake, who is the fastest person on my swim team, he's awesome, I love and respect him, but he's graduated, and will be leaving for the navy January 4th. This is going to be devastating to me.
Even worse, recently he's been coming to practices more and more sporadically, and so I haven't got to see him much recently.

And so, background over, Blake just texted me, saying he wants to take me to girls' high school state champs this Saturday. He wanted to show me what state champs was like, and boys season starts next Monday, so he'll be gone before boys state.
Conflicting arrangements, I have a soccer game, the last one of the season. I haven't been to any practices last week or the last game, I haven't seen any of them in a whole week.
I feel very bad I've missed so much soccer, and I'd feel terrible missing the last game and not getting to have fun with the team for one last game.

However, since Blake has missed so many meets, this may be my last ever meaningful or extended reaction with him in years to eternity. In other words, either a long time or never.
I mean, I see him at practice every day, but we don't really talk, and stuff.
So he invited me to stay at his house on Friday, and leave really freakin early in the morning to go to girls state and cheer on the girls from my school and his previous school, and go just us two.
That would be so special to me, and if I missed it I'd be more dissapointed than a thousand missed orgasms.

There's also a big meet, which I'm too fast for, but that takes place on Sunday, at the same place, KCAC, which I might go to to cheer on my teammates. Blake might be there too, but there would be many other people.

So ethical question, should I stay with my commitment, and go to the game since I've missed so many others, even though I don't like soccer as much, and I may see the team again around school and next year on the soccer team.
Or, should I go and watch girls state and not see my soccer team again for perhaps a year, and have the closest and perhaps last real interaction with the guy I respect to death, and taught me how to swim?


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i'd go to the swim meet dude.

king co aquatic center? the one in fed way? or kitsap?

either way, i'd go to the swim meet. that's wherre your heart is and that is possibly one of the last times you will get to see him

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Federal Way

Finest pool in Washington. And FREAKIN ENORMOUS POOL ROOM, like bigger than a football field, and a hundred feet high.

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i know man...

my uncle used to manage it. lol.

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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I'm with hell.

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go with blake. im betting youll regret it if you dont. anyway, if youve missed alot of soccer, they will be used to playing without you (i hope that didnt sound mean, cause it wasnt intended to)

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That pool is an orgasm in

That pool is an orgasm in and of itself. I swam there my senior year and it's effing cold, but beautiful. GO WITH THE BOY. Funny how close we all live. :D

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The decision must be yours...

However, I believe you already know that at this juncture, Blake rules your emotions and allegiances...

Years from now you'll look back at this weekend as being one of great significance.

This quote says it all:

"That would be so special to me, and if I missed it I'd be more disappointed than..."

But...Go and enjoy with a clear conscience: Explain your quandary and decision to your soccer team before weekend. Don't just not show up for the match!

BTW... This will be a special weekend for me as well.

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Go with what's truly more important to you.

Personally, I think, this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance... There will be other soccer finals, and there has already been. I doubt you're missing anything worth staying for...
You are beautiful, in every single way <3