Finally, I can write again

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I wrote this last night.
All these thoughts rushing through my head
So many words left unsaid
Just like monsters hiding under my bed
In the darkness lurking...
My heart is filled with lead
My eyes are going red
I'm slowly and steadily being led
To a place dark and disturbing...
I just need some space to clear my head
Lying alone in the dark on my bed
Thinking of children who just don't get fed
Doesn't seem to be working...
I think of how often I've been misled
Maybe it was something I had said
All I know is my soul has bled
And my heart is really hurting...
'The way you live shows how you were bred'
So say the voices inside my head
'And your friends would be happier if you were dead'
Of this, at least, they are certain
It is hard to argue with what they have said
These strange voices within my head
Life always gets better after the villain is dead
I say goodbye and fall behind the curtain.