first journal-think i'll try it

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well, i just registered today and was advised to journal. i guess it doesn't matter if nobody cares what i put here, so might as well say what i am thinking. Well, I just ate a 3 Musketeers bar, and I love those but after each bite I spat it out. Why? Oh, this is something I haven't told people, kinda quirky but I've always, since I was littleand was taught about nutrition would think, "If the reason people eat food they know isn't good for them is that it tastes good, why don't they just spit it out after chewing, and throw it away? You still taste it, and it's probably much better for you." I've always been reluctant to say this because people will think I have an eating disorder, which I don't. As far as I can see, the reason people swallow is instinct, that helpful yet annoying advisor. Wow, that sounded so much like I'm in English... Anyway, so I just spat out the Musketeers bar. That was really random, but I don't really care. Wow, journaling about random useless things is fun! (Sorry if this is too long, I'm using a Dsi so nobody can track my history, and I can only see the last coupla lines I typed. Hmm.... I hope this doesn't annoy anyone, I'm still learning my way around Oasis.


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I forgot the other parenthese.

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i look forward to more. :)

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I was just saying what I happened to be thinking at the moment. Generally the response I get is, "Nobody cares!" Thanks for not saying that.

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I like that, the idea of

I like that, the idea of spitting out food after chewing, I'll have to try that.
Oh and hi welcome to Oasis.

nothing is permitted. everything is allowed.

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But where does the food go

But where does the food go once you've spat it out? And what about tasting it with the very back of your tongue as it goes down?

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Welcome to oasis:) *hugs*

Welcome to oasis:) *hugs* and *rainbows*

* Like what Shaggy said "it wasn't me"*

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welcome. i enjoyed your


i enjoyed your journal.

as you'll come to learn, we're very welcoming and non-judgmental, well 99.9999% of us on oasis.

i know i certainly dont mind your journal and its okay if its long...i write long ones too. i use this as my journal space and its alot easier for me to know that others are reading it and im not alone.

welcome. and H:UGS.

message me if you wanna. im always up for chatting.

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Haha. Great Journal. Well I

Haha. Great Journal. Well I just broke my jaw. I'm on a liquid diet for 6 weeks. So I would love to eat and spit out a musketeers bar right now. Welcome to Oasis.

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Oh- I just wrapped it in a tissue and threw it away. I'm surprised I got so many comments- I was just randomly saying what I was thinking about. Thank you. And I hope your jaw heals soon. Hm... you could put a 3 Musketeers in a blender with other chocolate drinks or something... Actually, not too sure how that'd work out. Thank you everyone for the warm welcome!