Fluid lines

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My crush gave me an essay of hers to read.
Turns out she's ftm transgender.
I've decided that you know what, lines are blurry. Yes, I'm lesbian, but I'm still crushing on her anyway. The only difference, so far as I can see, between my crush as she (I'm still using the female pronoun because I don't like the sound of the male one...to stiff) is now and my crush as she will be should she decide to get a gender change operation is her body. And while yes, her body is remarkably attractive, I don't crush on people because of their bodies. I crush on their minds and their hearts, and THEN, once I'm crushing on their personality, I often begin crushing on their bodies. I've had crushes on guys before. I identify as lesbian mainly because, out of context with the whole head and heart thing, I find girls remarkably attractive and guys remarkably not so.
She says in her essay that she thought she only crushed on guys (which is funny cause in our group of friends we're always griping about how much we would like to be gay men...no PMS, no contact with girl bitchyness, no period...), but then this year she says she "fell for a freshmen, who is a girl"
I'm a freshmen.
I'm a girl.
Could it actually be possible that someone I have a god-awful crush on could actually return those feelings for me?
Damn I hope so.


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I've got my fingers crossed

I've got my fingers crossed for you!

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Thank you. That actually

Thank you. That actually means quite a bit to me.

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Wow. This sounds...too good

Wow. This sounds...too good to be true, but also not leaving all too much room for doubt. Those don't usually go together. This is great. Brilliant. You are extremely lucky. Wow.

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Oh yes. I am extremely

Oh yes. I am extremely lucky.

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keep your fingers crossed...

i think its possible :)

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