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It is! It's Saturday! Yayyyy! Since I'm turning 16, can I get 16 hot Swedish strippers for my birthday? One for each year! Pleeeease?

I don't really have any plans. Haha. My mom is getting me a cake, and we're going to go out to eat dinner. Unfortunately, we're also bringing the brat sister and my dad. The brat sister is, well, a brat, and I hate it when my parents go places together. They're divorced for a reason, dammit. They rarely get along. I guess that since both produced me together way back before they realized their marriage was a giant mistake, they should both get to experience their kid's 16th birthday. I can't be in two places at once, so looks like this is the only option...

I guess I had a pretty good day Friday except for one of my teachers kind of hurting my feelings. My friend said he stood there and watched French Class Girl ask this HOT eleventh grader to go to bed with her. ("I'm going home and going to bed... Wanna come with me?") Oh, holy freaking shit on a stick. Wow. She has gone from insisting she's straight to insisting that she never, ever thinks about sex. Uh, FCG, you are 17 years old; unless you're asexual, you have probably thought about sex at some point. There are these things called raging hormones, my dear! (And I know you have, FCG! I distinctly remember you answering affirmatively when asked last year if you had a hair fetish. Ooooh.)

I have more friends who want us to be together. What the hell!? I mentioned that FCG's hair is super soft, and one friend told me that I desperately needed to go up to FCG and just give her a big, wet smooch already. It probably does not help that FCG has recently mentioned that she more than likely wouldn't be opposed to dating a sophomore. I'm honestly not entirely sure how I'd react if FCG asked me out one day. I'd be glad that a girl liked me, but... FCG's a freakazoid!

Chemistry class hasn't been much fun lately, but when is it ever? We had a really hard test a couple days ago; I made a C. The day of the test, Old Crush randomly walked up to me and asked me if I was ready. I said no. She wasn't either. It was a little weird, though, having her just walk up to me like that.

Chemistry class is what I want to talk about, though. My teacher basically told me I'd never go anywhere in life. I'm not sure how we got onto the subject, but I somehow ended up mentioning my plans to move far, far away from the dump of a town in which I live. She laughed and adamantly insisted that I wouldn't because she had said the same thing when she was young. Condescending much? If I don't leave this awful town, I will never have any sort of remotely fulfilling life. If I was never allowed to leave, I'd probably commit suicide. Like, for real. I can't even see myself stomaching 2 and half more years of this. The only thing I live for is the promise of getting away someday.

It was just so unbelievably shitty for her to say something like that. Everyone thought it was awful.

...IT IS MY BIRTHDAY! :D I just got a text wishing me happy birthday RIGHT at midnight.


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Happy birthday :-)

And don't listen to soul-sucking teachers. You have it in you to get out of there, you can make it happen.

~~~ the voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses ~ e e cummings ~~~

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I won't listen to her! She's evil anyway. :(

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Happy Burrday

and, you should just punch your teacher IN THA FACE. It'll help :3
You are beautiful, in every single way <3

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Thank you!

YES! I should!

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Happy Birthday!!

Soul Sucking Teachers, you just can't avoid them! (Oh and I love that picture)

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Thank you!

I love the picture too. Haha. It's just so... wtf. I found it literally, like, a day after my birthday last year and was sad that I couldn't use it, so I saved it for this occasion!

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I guessed correctly!

I guessed correctly! ...Happy Birthday, by the way.

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Thank you!


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happy birthday!!!

Wow, I hate people like that teacher... happy b-day!!!

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Thank you!

I hate people like her too :(

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Happy Birthday for

Happy Birthday for Saturday.Hope you had a good one:)

* Like what Shaggy said "it wasn't me"*

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I did!