Harry Potter Once More!

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I know, I know, there are lots of posts about HP7 part 1, but I don't care. Well, I saw it today, and I actually really liked it. The book is better, of course, but I think they could afford a better quality because they didn't have to worry about fitting in the whole story, just part. Oh, 1 thing I wanted to share: My stepmother (ick) is absolutely EXACTLY like Bellatrix. I mean, it might sound like I'm exaggerating, or am just a typical step-hating kid, but honestly, they're the same. Stepmother has mercury poisoning to some degree, if that helps. Shrieks the same way, too. She threatened to maim me for calling her Bellatrix, too. Heehee. X. Lovegood scene was pretty good, though I'm dissapointed I didn't get to see the intelligence-headdress-thingy, I've always had a hard time picturing it. Also, this isn't new since the movie, but I hate Ginny, and always have. She basically has no personality, and exists solely to fall in love with Harry and almost get killed/kill in #2. Sure, she fights ok in #5, but she doesn't really do much. I hate her, I hate her, I hate her. I told my family this, and was accused of being jealous for Harry. Honestly, I think Hermione looked a lot better than him in that movie. Any of them, actually. Once they get older, all the male actors in Harry Potter kind of gross me out. Personally, I think that was one of the better Harry Potter movies. Now, I'm not offended if nobody comments, because there isn't actually much you could say. I understand that. Just wanted to add my opinion to the ever-growing pile of Harry Potter 7 part one posts here.


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Great thing about Ginny,

Great thing about Ginny, though, is that she's the one character with as little personality as Harry. They're perfect for each other! Seriously, who else would you doom to being stuck with Harry? ...Not that Ron's any better...Hermione's got it rough.

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So true.

Harry does have a little more of an excuse, though. I mean, he's got an emotionally scarred childhood and plenty of near-death experiences, not to mention having a bit of creepazoid-soul in him...Ginny has no excuse whatsoever. Yes, you are very much right, though.
Poor Hermione.

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^^ Agreed. Draco is where

^^ Agreed.
Draco is where it's at.

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Yes. Draco should have

Yes. Draco should have fallen for Hermione, thereby being forced to overcome his Fantastic Racism, and won her over.

A horrible childhood and a bit of creepazoid-soul is not an excuse for having no personality. (Although if it were, Ginny would be able to use it too - remember Chamber of Secrets?) Being the Chosen One, however, is an excuse. As is being the Chosen One's Chosen Girlfriend.

Of all the teenagers, though, Neville is the best.

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True, again.

I can honestly say that Draco-Hermione never occured to me, but it'd definitely be great. And Ginny was pathetic before Chamber of Secrets. But I don't think being the Chosen Girlfriend is an excuse in any way. The only book where Harry has any personality at all is Order of the Phoenix, and that's just him exploding angrily toward everyone. I must say, I think Luna's tied for Best Teen with Neville, though.

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Yeah, Luna's not bad... She

Yeah, Luna's not bad... She has a bit too much of the Comic Relief in her, though, and a lot of extremely devoted fans. Neville is just Neville in all his unsullied Nevillicity. Nobody's obsessed with Neville, and that's kind of cool in itself.

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Interesting word... also very true.