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Someone out there thinks FRENCH CLASS GIRL is STRAIGHT. I have never seen such a flagrant show of stupidity in all my life. FCG is to straight as radioactive porcupines are to cuddly. I consider myself 100% gay, and FCG is twice that at the very least. She didn't do much today. Lately, FCG complains constantly that she thinks she's ugly. It gets soooo annoying. Everyone tried to tell her today that she wasn't, but she refused to listen.

In other news, I hate little kids, and they hate me. Today after school, some kids that claimed to be 11 but looked about 7 or 8 came up to me and Helpful Junior. We were minding our own business and having a private conversation. The kids called me obnoxious, told me to shut up, and asked me why my parents never taught me any manners. We were appalled. Neither of us had even so much as noticed them, and we weren't discussing anything bad at all.

Helpful Junior: Excuse me, but are you two a part of this conversation?
Kid 1: No. We just think your friend is stuuupid.
Me: What did I even do to you!?
Kid 1: I don't like your voice.
Me: Well, then don't listen to me! This is a private conversation anyway.
Kid 2: You don't boss me around.
Me: I'm probably like, twice your age. Get out of here.
Kid 2: Nuh-uh, I'm 11, and you're like, 16 or something!
Me: I very, very highly doubt you're 11. You both look like you're 8.
Helpful Junior: Well, we're still way older than both of you, so please leave us alone.
Me: Let's just ignore--
Me: Let's just ignore--
Me: Let's just ignore--

We tried to ignore them, and they gave us death stares, then they went away. They came back a few minutes later, apologized, and said they thought we were sooo awesome. What the hell?

And I hate chemistry with a passion. I mean it when I say it will be the teacher's fault if I fail the test tomorrow. She now refuses to let us come by during our free class periods and ask questions. I (along with a lot of other people) was going to come by and get some things explained before the test tomorrow. The only thing she has then is a study hall, so I won't be disrupting class, but she still refuses. This makes me so mad! She just gave a speech yesterday about how half the class is going to fail. Doesn't she want us to pass?


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I wish our chemistry book taught the class. It'd be more exciting, more understandable, and at a faster pace. But you can't quite match the lack of personality of our chemistry teacher.
There's no one quite like her.
I can usually ignore my chemistry teacher and just read the book if I need to know something, which isn't often because I'm fascinated with chemistry and research it whenever I can and so I know most of this stuff already. Other than that, I don't have any suggestions...

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Today, I just found out from

Today, I just found out from a friend who's a freshman that next year, they may change chemistry so that students only have my possessed evil weirdo teacher for a semester, and they get some guy for the other semester. I have never raged so much in all my life.

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You actually handled those

You actually handled those little kids real well. I'd have just said something condescending and/or dropkicked them to Australia.

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I wanted to! DX

I wanted to! DX