He took the car!

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Okay, so my sister brought my two nephews over (Ages 10 and 19) to spend some time with me and my parents while she went out to party with her friends that live in our city. So, my oldest nephew decides to bring a friend, which I was not pleased about. In my mind, you don't bring "friends" when you're going to spend time with your family (especially family that you've only recently began seeing more of than a couple days a year again), but then again maybe that's just me. Anyways, it's past 4:00am and my oldest nephew and his friend have taken my sister's car (nephew's mom's car) and I don't where the hell they went or how long they're going to be gone for. Oh, yeah, and here's the thing: My nephew's driving and he's only got his G1 so not only is he driving without an adult driver in the car (unless his friend qualifies as one, idk), but he's not supposed to be driving after a certain time either! I don't know what to do...

I'm stressed out because I'm the only one who's up and the only one who knows. Plus, I'm worried about them letting one of our dogs out when they finally come back. By now they must of been gone for around an hour. At first I thought that my sister must have got home and she was now going out...maybe? So the car pulls out, then a while later I heard someone come in, so I kept looking out the window because the car's still running, but then I see my nephew sun out to the car and into the drivers seat.

Any advice on what I should do? I'm thinking that tomorrow morning when my sister's back I'll try and say her something like, "Why did you come home twice last night? You woke me up." or something like that, so then she can go, "Wha....?" I just want her to know that he took the car out because she should know. I don't want to get him in trouble, but I'd rather he get in trouble with her than the police. And I'm still wondering where the hell they've gone to at 4am in the morning! I want to go to sleep...

EDIT: I think my dad just woke up so I am off to bed because he can watch our dog. Thank god.


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jeeze ash!

hopefully he comes back soon. although, i know i woulda done that same kind of thing as a teenager. lol. hopefully it turns out alright and your dad will catch him in the act.

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No worries...

I ended up finding out that my sister called him to come pick her up. I was still mad though! I can't believe she'd let him do that, especially when she doesn't even like him driving during the day with her in the car.

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